Oasis Powerhouse exists thanks to the generous and talented community that fills its space, as well as to the ambition, vision, and hard work of its founders and organizers.



The Oasis Powerhouse team the night before our Pre-Launch - a celebratory afternoon of dancing, music, meditation, speeches, and healthy food with the community.

The Oasis Powerhouse team the night before our Pre-Launch - a celebratory afternoon of dancing, music, meditation, speeches, and healthy food with the community.


Abdi Abajabal


Abdi is a respected entrepreneur in Harlem and Manhattan. When he arrived in New York City as a refugee from Ethiopia, he had no money, little education, and could not speak English. He currently runs the chain of Oasis Jimma Juice bars in New York. Abdi is a well known philanthropist, who always gives back to his community by donating healthy food to the community. He is an advocate against the gentrification of Harlem and surrounding neighborhoods.


Dana Sprung


Dana is a Teacher’s College, Columbia University Alumni who obtained a Masters in Clinical Psychology in 2016. Initially, on track to pursue a PhD, she is now considering a career as a health professional. Her main goal in pursuing this career is to have the opportunity to provide holistic care, taking into account the individual’s mental, emotional, and physical state. An avid gym athlete and professional Middle Eastern dancer, health and wellness is paramount to her. Struggling with mental illness and digestive issues personally, she is a huge advocate for alternative and preventative care, nutrition, exercise, and having a support system. Becoming involved in this project is giving her a means to promote these values she believes in, and use her connections in medicine, nutrition, fitness, and other modes of wellness for the benefit of the community.  


Nick Ogutu


Nick is a community organizer and human rights activist who has been involved with organizations like  Lutheran Refugee Services, New York Immigration Coalition, Habitat for Humanity, and Amnesty International. He has organized many community events and public rallies around Harlem and New York City, and is particularly experienced in advocacy for black immigrants. Nick studied at the Columbia School of Social Work and was President of the Graduate School chapter of Amnesty International.. You can get more information from his personal website- www.nickogutu.com.


Anne-Laure White


Anne-Laure is a recent graduate of Columbia College. She works in geo-science and climate change research at the Earth Institute. She is a writer and organizer committed to fighting environmental racism and injustice. Access to healthy food, creative and physical outlets, and a supportive community should be accessible to all, and Anne-Laure is excited to see the Oasis Powerhouse mission thrive.



Marcel- Sheik Fitness

Marcel is a National Strength and Conditioning association Certified Strength Conditioning Specialist and Precision Nutrition Fitness coach. She teaches Animal Flow every Tuesday from 5:30-6:30.

She relocated to New York in 2011 after graduating from the University of Southern Mississippi where she ran track and field and cross country at the D1 level. She also served in the US Army Reserves as an Army Engineer officer where she was Airborne and Air Assault qualified.

 Marcel has been training in NYC for the last 5 years and has done it all from teaching cycling classes, to body pump until finally settling in as a weightlifter and strength coach. 

I’ve always just worked hard. I walked on to the track team at college and by the time I graduated I had earned a mini scholarship. I hated being told what to do in the army but before I knew it I was a pt stud and jumping out of airplanes. I believe that you have to accept that you are exceptional.  Not that you are better than anyone else but that you have the ability to be exceptional at anything you set your mind to. As long as you  are willing to be the crazy person that gets u at 5am to  run , lift , and ride it out in order to be better and faster than you were the day before. Don’t hide or feel guilty about your drive, embrace it. Drink the exceptional kool -aid if you will.

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